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Download Defensio for your blog or application

Below is a list of the Defensio plug-ins currently available across different platforms (with our thanks to the passionate Defensio community!)

Defensio for WordPress by the Defensio team

Download Defensio for WP

Version 2.5.9, released on August 30, 2010

Requires WordPress 2.8.6 or newer and PHP 5.x.

Officially supports up to WordPress 3.0.


  • Implements the new features of Defensio 2.0 including: malicious content blocking, profanity filtering, blocking of URLs based their category
  • Asynchronous for improved speed
  • Spam quarantine sorted by spaminess
  • OpenID support when used in conjunction with the WP-OpenID plugin
  • Background color applied to spam comments to increase ease-of-identification
  • Spam comments collapsed (and restorable) to allow for easy and efficient navigation
  • Very obvious spam can be hidden from view
  • Performance statistics provided to show how Defensio is doing on your blog

Installation & Configuration

  1. Deactivate Akismet and/or any other anti-spam plugins by going to your Plugins tab in the WordPress control panel.

    If are upgrading from an older version of Defensio, please deactivate and delete the old plugin before proceeding with the upgrade.

  2. Copy the 'defensio-anti-spam' folder (unzipped from the file you downloaded) into 'wp-content/plugins/'. You should now have a file called 'defensio.php' in 'wp-content/plugins/defensio-anti-spam/'.

  3. Return to the Plugins tab in your control panel and activate Defensio.

  4. Under the Plugins tab, you will find a new tab called Defensio Configuration. Go there and enter your API key (issued to you when you signed up for the Defensio service). If the key turns green, this means it has been successfully validated.

  5. Under Defensio Configuration, you may also set the threshold level for "obvious spam" (this can be hidden from your quarantine, at your option). We recommend you leave this "obvious spam" level at its default value (80%) until you get a feel for what a better value might be for your own purposes.

  6. Your blog is now protected by Defensio's enhanced spam filtering web service. From now on, all comments posted to your blog will be analyzed by Defensio and attributed a "spaminess" value that will help you sort and manage your spambox. Under your blog's Comments tab, notice that the quarantine has been re-labelled "Defensio Spam".

Open Source

Defensio for Wordpress is open source. You can access the source code and even modify it on GitHub.

Need help?

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Are you a developer?

Interested in building a plug-in/application on top of the Defensio system? Take a peek at our API and/or get in touch with us – we'd love to hear more about what you have in mind.